Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Disorders

There is a growing population of those with histamine intolerances and Mast Cell Disorders (MCAD) that are looking to find resources for traveling while managing a chronic illness, dining out with a Histamine or MCAD and exploring natural solutions and controls for MCAD through diet.

As a traveler with MCAD I have learned some ways to manage chronic illness while traveling and can offer readers my experiences and encouragement that while it does require additional planning that travel-fears based on chronic illnesses don’t have to halt your trip before it begins.

For those with Histamine Intolerances and/or MCAD, I have discovered through years of self-research and trials of various methods how to reach a space of limited remission and stability.

In this section, I will begin to share my journey and findings as well as share natural methods to help control reactions, share recipes I’ve created along with travel and travel dining tips.

My first article offers some brief suggestions and introduction to my journey with MCAD, “Histamine Disorders and MCAD – Dietary Option’s Aren’t So Dismal”.

Check back for more articles in the months ahead.