As I move forward with developing Chasing Rockwell and the pages, I will return to this category to add holiday trips, menus and photos of our journeys.


Thanksgiving 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of my husbands death along with my sons birthday.

As a family we traveled to Lake Tahoe, California, to celebrate life because we needed to spend the first Thanksgiving without my husband… somewhere new.

Share in our Lake Tahoe journey in my article, “Running on Empty” or read about trying to get into the Christmas spirit in my post, “The Saddest House on the Street”.

We spent our Christmas skiing and making friends in Steamboat, Colorado, and welcomed many new experiences that I shared in my post, “Fast Friends in Ski Town USA”.

We returned home to Minnesota for New Years 2019, and also returned home to host our last New Year’s party in the home where our family had grown over the last decade. “Grief and Loss – Selling a Home After a Death” chronicles our last party and tackles the challenges we’ve faced in acceptance of our loss and the grief along with positive perspectives in moving forward.

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