About Me


I spent my childhood years growing up in Japan, Hawaii and the Washington DC metro area.

My childhood travels broadened and shaped my views, and beliefs, to a global perspective with a focus on a deeper understanding of the world through the similarities in cultures instead of the differences.


My world-culture experiences helped to guide my passion for people, places and shared-life experiences and it transitioned into my studies and degrees in journalism, mass communications, public relations and psychology.


As a mother of two young children with patriotic passions I began to seek the hidden gems of traditional Americana that can be found throughout the US and have focused my travel writings on travel perspectives gained in our pursuits to find the romanticized versions of life such as those depicted by illustrator, Norman Rockwell, who captured the moments of our lives; family harmony, gifts of time, fishing, skiing, laughing, all in ordinary moments which transitioned into extraordinary times.

My first post about the Begging Burros of Custer State Park was published the weekend before our lives took a dramatic turn.

Our extraordinary times…


At the end of 2017, I lost my husband to a three-year cancer battle and with his death my perspectives shifted to traveling to gain a new path for my children and new perspectives on life.

Our travels have remained the winds of our journeys: a tie to our past and a welcome to our future.


My travel writing has branched out to sharing my travel perspectives with readers within my travel posts which share area travel tips, tips on traveling with children, lifestyle experiences; activities and cultural growth opportunities and learning how to start over after the death of a loved one.

I write about learning peace-of-heart through travel, the lifestyle of kindness, along with holiday traditions, recipes for cultural and American foods and traditions along with offering Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD) patients and Histamine Disorder (HD) patients new, healthful and tasty meal alternatives to implement while traveling plus dietary suggestions and recipes for which I’ve created from my years of managing this chronic illness.


Chasing Rockwell is a travel and lifestyles blog writen by me… Adrianne Bruce; mother, widow, writer and a life-adventures seeker who manages a chronic illness with two young children and a personal pursuit to find the moments, places and perspectives that add to a life well-lived in extraordinary times; our Rockwell moments.


Join me in our travels and follow along on our adventures. Reach out to me for questions, suggestions or comments.

Thank you for visiting Chasing Rockwell.