Social Distancing: Views From Our Victory Pandemic Garden

Get growing!

Victory gardens… man that takes us back to wartime history lessons and historic times of global uncertainty. Many countries including the United States found their citizens hard at work in their home gardens and although it’s been a long stretch of confident times the Coronavirus pandemic has the world living once again in a collective uncertainty against a viral war and looking for social distancing spaces that still make us feel connected.

Round zucchini , home gardening , victory garden, pandemic garden, why are my zucchini flowers dying
Round zucchini. Did you know zucchini flowers are male and female? If both are not present than the flowers will die.

It’s hard not to be able to see the enemy and yet to know it’s lurking everywhere across the globe. It’s impossible to fully ignore all the media Coronavirus pandemic coverage but, many of us have turned off the television and put down the paper to uncover a space to grow something good, to distract our minds from the headlines, to teach and learn something new and to work toward a long-term goal in a time that we are living with compounded uncertainty.

The Victory garden is our prescription for restoring and maintaining good mental health; nurture your garden and it nurtures your soul.

Have you started a home garden?

Here are some views from our little garden as she grows.


“We might think we our nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.” – Jenny Uglow

We’ve grown this round zucchini from seed and it reminds of our trip to France and Italy where we found these perfect little round zucchini in all the open air markets.
Another plant we’ve grown from seed. This is a Minnesota melon which is to turn into a very sweet 4” cantaloupe. We currently have about six happily growing.
Broccoli! And, finally… This plant has continued to grow, and grow and get taller and taller, but it hadn’t shown any evidence it was an actual broccoli plant until just recently. Now we have a tiny little crown of beautiful green buds and we have cauliflower too!
The Bell Peppers have been growing and getting bigger. They were difficult to get started and growing from seed, but they’re finally doing their thing and we recently picked our first pepper.
Another plant we started from seed that is happily growing away. Our cabbages are growing big and are beautiful with so many layers of chartreuse leaves. The bunnies have been looking over the fence.
We have several tomato plants and we are so delighted that they are growing in perfect rows of two. Although, they seem far from turning red they do seem to be growing well and remind us again of the tomatoes we found while in Europe as they were sold in the little rows of two.
The round zucchini’s are gettin bigger. My daughter wants to use them for a soup bowl.
We have lots of green tomatoes. We’ll have a lot to share when they ripen!
We grew four different bean varieties from seed. These are red beans.
The broccoli crowns are growing larger.
Cauliflower! We have three growing well and some of the others we had to pull as they weren’t looking too good early on.
The growing Bell Peppers are very fragrant.
The blooms keep coming and we find something new each day. It’s exciting to learn and grow with the kids in our little garden.
Our first harvest of the season.

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