What To Add To Your Italian Pizza To Make It Traditional: Recipe For Olive Oil Drizzle Topping

Traditional Olive Oil Drizzle Recipe

While we were visiting the Italian Rivera we took some time away from wandering the streets, visiting the parks, shopping the street markets, playing in the surf and visiting old Roman ruins scattered throughout the region to sit down for some amazing Italian food and discovered an Italian tradition that adds extra flavor to any Italian dish; especially pizza.

Italian Mediterranean, Italian Rivera, kids at Mediterranean Sea, Italian city, Italian village, Italy

The ambiance of sitting along the street for a relaxing lunch in Italy makes such a difference to the food as you slow down to the Italian pace and actually enjoy the food, drinks and conversations: Food, just taste better with time and a view.

Italian coast, coastal village, Italian city, Italy, old Italy, Italian Rivera, Italian Street views

One particular afternoon we sat down for pizza at a small shop along our way and had the most amazing pizza, spaghetti carbonara, verde salad and an ice cold coffee drink, which I’ve found out since returning to the U.S., is called a Shakerato.

Spaghetti carbonara, Italian Rivera, Italian Good, real Italy, Italian recipes, authentic Italian

This coffee drink was fantastic and cold! It was the perfect appetizer of sorts to cool off a bit before our meal was served.

Shakerato, Italian iced coffee, Italian Rivera, cold drinks in Italy, Italian recipes, pizza dough recipe, traditional Italian food, Italy
Visit my Instagram page @bruceadrianne for a recipe on how to make a Shakerato.

We sat outside in a small grouping of chairs and tables under umbrellas and watched those around us enjoining their meals while shooing away the few street sellers that can be a pester at times and more so because my daughter was fascinated by the little handheld sewing machine; interest equals pursuit to sell. Don’t let them think your interested unless you actually are ready to buy.

Back to our lunch.

When the pizza was served they brought out two additional glass shaker bottles and sat them down on the table. I picked one up and it looked to be extra virgin olive oil mixed with red pepper flakes and the other… the oil was mixed with minced garlic. Simple. Very simple. I wondered if it was for my verde salad, which was plain arugula, or for drizzling on the pizza.

Looking around it was clear that it was intended to be drizzled on the pizza. The waitress then brought over some vinegar and oil for my arugula, but I ended up using the vinegar and the garlic oil to top my green salad and also used both of the table oils to drizzle over two slices of the pizza.

The pizza was amazing. The crust was perfection and the additional flavor bite the olive oil mixes added was a symphony of flavor.

Girl eating pizza in Italy, Italian pizza dough recipe, Italian lunch, real Italy, Italian pizza, streets of small Italy, Italian Rivera

This drizzle is not to be skipped.

While my thoughts started on how to make their perfect pizza dough the olive oil drizzle was easy to recreate.

Click the link for my recreation of the perfect Italian-style pizza dough recipe.

The drizzle oil for the pizza was a simple mixture of good quality extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic and the other bottle; red pepper flakes like you’ll notice is served at any American pizzeria: A fusion of flavors as oil will bring out its best!

Pizza Drizzle Oil Recipe

Garlic Oil

  • 1/4 cup Good Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 cloves minced garlic

Red Pepper Oil

  • 1/4 cup Good Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon dried red pepper flakes (more, or less, depending on how much heat you enjoy.)

Prepare ahead and let the oils marinate with the garlic or pepper flakes.

The oils can sit in the refrigerator for quite some time.

Drizzle the flavored oil over your Italian pizza for an added burst of flavor, or even drizzle it over your leftover cooked pizza dough for a crunchy, chewy, flavorful bite that you can add to any antipasti board.

Italy, Italian Rivera, gelato, girl eating gelato in Italy, Italian recipes, real Italy
Gelato: The perfect dessert after our pizza on a hot Italian afternoon.

We ended our afternoon at a little gelato shop where the owner was friendly and talkative and gave us some good recommendations for other things to visit.

Aside from the amazing food and views of the Italian Rivera you will get endless smiles from everyone you pass.


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