In The Year of Our Google: Big Ideas 2019


A Brave New World has taken us from The Year of Our Ford through the Silicon Valley tech advancements described as a brave new world to what is emerging in my opinion as: In The Year of Our Google and the need to reestablish privacy and building organic marketing and traffic-generating experiences while reestablishing human connections.

The advancements in growth-frameworks, traffic-acquisitions, conversion-optimization, content marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), pay-per-click marketing (PPC), email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO strategies, social media strategies and more grew so fast over the last decade that Big Brother was allowed into our homes when we never heard him knocking. The advancements with targeted online ads or cookies gathering information on you in order to get positive return on marketing investment dollars (ROI) is getting stronger and we’re losing to the battle of our online privacy and in some manners our organic thoughts that drive us to read, research or purchase from internet sources.

In my opinion we’re moving toward a decade of reclaiming word-of-mouth, experience related social content, public relations tactics, personal referrals, recommendations and reestablishing real-life social connections for marketing engagement with a holistic approach.

We are currently circling the drain with our human connections with more, and more, opportunities to work from home… which is fantastic and allows for more time working and more time playing, but what it also means is that connections between employees are getting lost and comorodery of shared-goals, work friends, team-building and group moral is getting lost and leaving people feeling disconnected.

While there is a brilliance to having employees working from home and the positive gains from having employees work more efficiently with their time by removing the stressors such as commute times or family scheduling issues along with other obvious benefits for employers the environment is also heavily laden with negatives including a disconnect between employees to employees and employees to employers and the lack of moral to keep the train on its tracks and steaming forward. Questions come to light:

As a business owner how will you facilitate the connections between employees that are working behind the home-centric veil and not behind the cubicle?

There is a need to reestablish connections between all aspects of society as we’re becoming buried at the bottom of the search results and seeking “likes” all while diminishing our individual sparks and contributions.

Mental health issues gained new terms due to the ever-changing nature of social media where no one is able to gain good-footing and find long-term connections. This disconnect and the mental health results of it will begin to bleed into the business world, our workforce, economy and beyond.

I doubt when Picasso was painting he had too many people standing behind him yelling at him that he needed to use more Impressionism or Post-Impressionism strokes and that he should erase those harsh corners and scrap the cubist ideas and multiple viewpoints over the previous movement of ‘singularity‘ and I use that term loosely and also with a point that we cannot move forward to a time of artificial intelligence surpassing the human experiences; the Matrix.

Big Ideas 2019, creating the human connections in social media marketing, marketing trends, Google, SEOGuernica, Picasso

Writers; artists, who create a change and fuel a trend must say, “C’est la vie” to the mainstream movement as they must move forward in their own visual word; trends may follow but when you cater or pander to recommends on how to get your business name, blog post, visibility or traffic on the upswing you automatically start to lose the uniqueness and organic nature of what made the work creative, impactful or potentially trend-setting and away from self-experience.

As I started out on my blogging path I researched and read countless articles about SEO optimization, generating traffic, cookies, banner ads and between those items and the rest I felt small and left out of a space for which I just wanted to share my experiences… share what I’d seen and enjoyed with others who might be looking for those same experiences; a global bond. But, how would I reach an audience without generating traffic?

I never liked traffic and here I am needing traffic for my blog. Enters: SEO and endless references explaining word selection, how to write long; frankly drawn-out titles, in order to get the search engines, more specifically Google, to recognize your presence in a global community already filled with so many words, photos and videos. I understand there is a need for SEO in order to find things in the World Wide Web endless container, but…

In the Year of Our Google is the new beginning for our brave new world and from industrialization to technologicalization the realities that what makes us unique and creative has a risk of being thrown to the bottom of the Google search because it lacks certain words and what has been defined within AI as required to generate traffic in order to even be found.

SEO platforming is described as search-engine friendly sites and creating websites that are better for people. I’ve read articles on what words to use and what topics to write about, how to devise a title and honestly it’s like having a very controlling, non-human editor telling me what words, what topics and how I should create my tiny piece of the internet world in order for anyone to find me buried underneath it.

I pondered what in this environment I should do because like Picasso I feel our written words are an art form. I believe written words should be organic from the thoughts and experiences that humanity drums and not contrived and created by an artificial form that then too could stray and decide the topics that become relevant and bury the new ideas, the dissension and the non-mainstream beliefs.

Is SEO a new form of internet censorship to the written word; word burning or simply just no method to be heard in the environment and thus the cubism that distorts an image and allows for self-interpretation and abstract ideas and thoughts to fall so deep that nothing will pull it forward for anyone to see it?

In the year ahead I think there is going to be more focus on regaining our privacy from sites that are collecting data in who we are, how we shop and what we read so that they can target us to read what is chosen, market what they think we want and get us to click.

I also believe that eventually there will be a common understanding that if you’re writing or advertising to artificial intelligence platforms you’re trusting it with your readers and your business opportunities and you will lose the organic draw that will motivate your readers, customers and the experiences behind them will become inert.

Companies hire “influencers” to draw in their customers and clicks, but I believe that there will be a growing trend to using real-life experiences and the power of human referrals and recommendations for products, places and various things which will in turn become the driving force behind marketing as then you wont need to knock on their servers doors because they will come knocking on yours.

2019: In the Year of Our Google.

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