How To Start Over After A Death

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It was a brilliant sunset that cast its glow over the frozen water and recently fallen snow… the anticipation grew as we stepped onto the lake and it began to awaken the sounds of this space.


Frozen lake at sunset, pink setting sky over a frozen lake
The beauty of a frozen Minnesota lake at sunset.

We stood quietly for a time to watch the sky change colors and to listen to the quiet sounds of the frozen lake as it settles in for deep winter; distant birds chirping as night was drawing near.

The warmth in the colors of the sky made the cold winds of winter just nibble at our faces as the bitter cold has yet to find our little spot.

We made our way over to our first skating rink on this frozen lake and laughed and slid around on the open ice. We didn’t have our skates with us because it was the setting sun that drew us out on the walk to our little square.

Kids playing on a frozen lake in the setting sun

My daughter slid and spun around on the ice and it made the figure skater of my soul smile in quiet understanding that she displays the signs of the future mastery of ice and I could see my dreams of skating as a child on a frozen lake under an artful setting sky dawning as her own memories.

There’s such joy in the simplicity of skating on a frozen lake. The sound of the ice under your blade. The gentle rocking from natures rink that I never found on the smooth, indoor, professional ice of my training days in North Virginia. Now I can share these moments on a frozen Minnesota lake with my children and share a piece of the child that’s within my heart.

We laughed and played while making our plans to skate on warm winter days.


This lake is the view from our new home. It is our place to start again; minus one we loved and lost, plus all that we’ve gained.

Our hearts are full with the excitement of all that we will share in this new home on this lake that changes each day. The dreams of the loons that will land in spring and will wail their calls of love and their love will answer “I am here.”

We are here.

We will skate in the winter, kayak in the spring, watch for the birds, catch the falling leaves, we’ll swim and laugh and grow a day older as the sun rises and sets on our tomorrows that are too soon to be over.


Lake view and dock in summertime

Frozen winter lake view

kids in distance on frozen lake under setting sky

This is the place for my children to grow and become who’ll they’ll be; seasons will show. I’m happy to stand here at the start of this journey and with all the changes to witness ahead… the silent sounds on this lake will forever withstand.

Footsteps in the snow


As a family we are embracing the joys that can be found as we move forward in our new neighborhood and in Minnesota. It will be an adventure we take together.

There are many great articles available online to help with the process of moving forward and selling a home after the loss of a loved one. I liked the steps described by Anne Wynter in her article including the suggestion to be patient with yourself.

Or, visit my article at Chasing Rockwell “Grief and Loss – Selling a Home After A Death” to read about our experiences.

Everyone and every family will have to move through the journey of loss at their own pace. It isn’t easy and it doesn’t come with time requirements; trust your heart.

Our family found we better coped with the loss by focusing on keeping busy and creating new memories and life experiences through travel and adventures… each step of the way we saw signs that we were walking in the right direction and under rainbows sent by my husband.

As a family we traveled often prior to my husbands death and the consistency to keep on finding new adventures offered us a place of peace in our loss while making new memories as a newly defined family.

Our travel journeys fueled my decision to create the blog space: Chasing Rockwell to offer travel experiences with life perspectives and lifestyle articles that branched from our families enduring desires to find magical places that fill our hearts with treasured memories.

For some ideas for Minnesota winter travel adventures keep reading below or click the link “Running on Empty” to follow our family on one of our recent adventures, or “Beach Days for the Soul”.


Minnesota has many outdoor winter activities and wintertime events including the St. Paul Winter Carnival which has drawn crowds since 1886 with elaborate ice sculptures, parades and more.

Take a trip further north to view the Northern Lights and stay in the quiet, quaint, solitude at Gunflint Lodge and Outfitters.

They offer a wide selection of rustic to modern cabins on Gunflint Lake that will satisfy any traveler. Enjoy their hearth-room restaurant lodge for amazing meals (we loved the breakfasts), pick up a complementary bag of bird seed to scatter around your cabin each morning, stop in for complementary hot cocoa or coffee at the lodge throughout the day, set out on hiking adventures, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or even dog sledding, which was the highlight of our last visit.

Snowmobiling on the Gunflint Trail Systems and a stop to fill up the tank in Grand Marais.

Gunflint Lodge offers many outdoor activities and educational programs from wintertime survival to the Northern Lights, or just take a trip to relax in your cabin and play family board games while sitting by the fire and watching the wildlife around the lake.

Minnesota has a lot for visitors to do, see, experience and taste and it boasts high rankings as one of the healthiest states in the nation for several years running.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities, has consistently ranked high and leads as one of the nations healthiest cities; having won America’s number one healthiest city award by

Don’t let the Minnesota winters keep you away. Visit Minnesota to experience a wintertime wonderland from the Northern Lights and ice sculptures to dog sledding, or snowshoeing and if you’re really brave jump on into a frozen lake to raise money for the Special Olympics Minnesota by joining the fun at the Polar Plunge… or just go to enjoy watching. Minnesota winters will warm your heart.


  1. I’d love to skate under this fiery sky or take a snowmobil out on the frozen lake – childhood memories from a harsh but beautiful winter spent in the Pocono Mountains in upstate Pennsylvania. Your new home looks like a awesome place to live and make new memories! I‘ve been to Minnesota only once and I remember vividly how incredibly cold it has been.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many people not from Minnesota only travel here once if they visited in the winter. It can be shocking. Myself spending many years growing up in Hawaii I often sit back and question how on Earth I ended up in the land of 10,000 frozen lakes. Natives tell me it makes one stronger. I’ll let you know… The Poconos are beautiful. What a wonderful place to spend childhood. Thank you for your warm wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

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