Histamine Disorders and MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Disorder) Dietary Options Aren’t So Dismal

Many are familiar with food intolerances and food allergies but less familiar to the general public are histamine disorders and MCAD disorders in relation to the dietary restrictions.

Having MCAD or histamine intolerances requires finding a balance between nutrition coupled with the food restrictions and having a tasty meal that can be enjoyed without triggering unwanted reactions.

Having been diagnosed with MCAD by Dr. Lawrence Afrin, a leading physician in the study of mast cells and their relationship to the whole-body systems, I was quickly thrown into a world where I had to reconsider what I was eating to avoid negative health consequences.

It was lonely in the beginning trying to figure out what was safe or risky to eat and passing on great food at family gatherings, restaurants or at my own dinner table as I wasn’t going to restrict my families diet.

When first diagnosed with MCAD you are encouraged to restrict your food options to a very short list and then slowly add to the list to see what, if anything, would produce a reaction. Some reactions for MCAD patients are immediate and others take a few days before the body responds with a negative reaction, so the initial process of identifying “safe” foods is long and daunting.

Through the years I’ve researched and learned about what foods trigger or potentially trigger reactions, which foods help to fight inflammation, which foods naturally lower blood-histamine; super foods for those with MCAD and histamine intolerances.

I began to create safe meals, delicious recipes and full meals that were healthful for those with these disorders and learned how to select items at restaurants for those times our family traveled.

My recipes are far from the early days of a water and chicken based diet.

Eating should provide nourishment to you body and soul but for those with histamine disorders, MCAD or bowel disorders food can pose a huge challenge against needs versus wants and losses.

As I journey forward in my lifestyles blog I will begin to share my recipes that I created through necessity and recipes that helped to stabilize my MCAD reactions. Although, it wasn’t always an easy process and I still encounter issues with reactivity there is hope in the kitchen with many tasty options available.

Check back to my blog as I move forward with more articles and recipes for MCAD patients and histamine intolerances.

First Tip: Chocolate is not on the menu. I will not have wonderful chocolate options but I do have a good base of dessert ideas.

Second Tip: Asorbic Acid powder, not to be confused with Citric Acid, is a great alternative to vinegars and citrus fruits which can exacerbate histamine and mast cells and ascorbic acid naturally lowers blood histamine. That is correct. Ascorbic Acid actually lowers your blood histamine unlike an H1 or H2 blocker that block histamine processes.

Third Tip: Mental health disorders are increasingly being identified to have some relationships to mast cells and often those with MCAD suffer with their reactions being inclusive of a variety of mental health challenges including anxiety and depression. Interestingly many MCAD patients early in the search for answers to their sometimes debilitating symptomologies are diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorders. Many accounts of MCAD patients describe these events or reactions having followed a high histamine meal or alcohol/wine consumption in retrospect.

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