Travel Packing Tips for Families – Can you Say Procrastination…

I sure can! I’m the queen of procrastination and if I said it three times my wish to be one of those non-procrastination-type people still wouldn’t come true! Why?Because who would be there to mind the Procrastination Kingdom without me there on the throne? Anyone…. anyone?

Queen of England, on the throne, who packs for the queen

I’m pretty sure the Queen of England has people to pack for her. My Kingdom isn’t so fortunate.

However, packing is where I seem to earn high honors for the topic at hand as even with all my pre-packing self-talk and pre-planning packing daydreams ie., delusions, I still wait to the very, very last moment possible to pack for any trip. Any trip. Maybe if it was just me I was packing for it wouldn’t be such a hustle and tear jerker of a story, but since I pack for myself and the two kids it becomes an all out war against time and my sanity!

Gone are the days of gracefully packing needed items as those days are turned into the day of mass laundry, running around the house half-naked, errands, crying, rocking in the corner and the self-talk “I can do this” all because I’m a procrastinator!

Kardashian’s still seem to be pretty while they cry. Me… not so much! I was going to insert a video clip here of myself crying but my son offered the advice “Do you want people to read your blog?” Okay, it was more a warning than advice.

Yes, I am a procrastinator and for good reason! If it wasn’t for procrastination I’d never get anything done. You like coffee in the morning? Why? Does it get you up and going… start your day off right? Starbucks offers that pep in your cup and for me procrastination is my elixir to accomplishments of my tasks.

Yet, from my dance of mayhem comes nicely packed bags with the items we need. Maybe, I should start wearing the queen of multitasking crown. Hello, to my new Kingdom!

Packed bags, packing for kids, packing procrastinators packing list, suitcases packed

“Mom, I HAVE to have my pink-kitty ski helmet” even though I’m packing all carry-on items is the caption for that photo! I think my crown for my kingdom is going to be that pink-kitty ski helmet.

The reality is that as moms we are all wearing the multi-tasking crown and we can always get the luggage packed even when it’s a mad-dash; procrastination or not. It’s part of our charm. That being said… I’m not the mom who does it while looking to the nine. I’m going to need to take points away and give myself a messy-bun, no makeup and frazzled demeanor big number ONE! But, I’m good with that!

Perfectly packed suitcase, packing for kids, procrastinators suitcase

Procrastinator’s Travel-Packing Tips:

1. Take a moment to look at the weather ahead for your trip. That one is easy.

2. Write up a quick list of what each person needs and if you need anything extra for special events.

3. Don’t check off items as you go but instead check it off with a stack of items per person packed. Then pack it.

4. Get a big suitcase and just pack everything you can! Wait… airlines now say we have to keep those bags under a certain weight. Bummer!

5. Okay, since we can’t take everything plan your wardrobe around a central theme of color and repeat items that won’t get dirty if you wear them for two days. Often times we have washer and dryers at the destinations and one quick load during the trip helps ease up on items needing to be packed.

6. Keep a change of clothes, night clothes toothbrush and medicine in a carry-on bag for quick turn around the next day or in case you’re child pukes, pees or has an accident, for cases of whomever loses your luggage or in case you have your own spill or are holding an infant.

7. When air-traveling with babies and young children: Utilize a large orange travel sack that you’ll check for free with the airline but also throw in those other baby items you won’t need until the other side. If your young kids are walking that stroller works wonders to load on your carry-on items and give your toddler or young child the time to exercise before being asked to sit still on a flight. Gate check your stroller and it will be at the door on your way off. Pack a small backpack of kids toys, books, crayons, electronics, stickers and a few snacks for the flight. Give them something to do and don’t expect they’ll fall asleep.

8. Keep everything folded nicely as it packs smaller. When you can use a backpack and keep it simple.

9. Repeat to yourself as needed: “I can do it! It will fit! I can sleep on the plane!” Omit the third mantra if you have kids. You’re not sleeping!

10. Smile. When you’ve waited to pack right before you need to leave you’re working more efficiently with your time!

Until the other side… pack happy!

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