Relationships and Decision Making: Right or Wrong?

It seems I’m always delving into the thoughts of right or wrong.

It’s everywhere and in every decision and afterthought. Was I right? Or, was I wrong? Relationships, motherhood, romance, travel, household, finances and the list goes on and on as long as the question can keep on questioning itself.

As a child we had someone telling us these simple strategies of right and wrong and the notion of everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten come to mind but I don’t often bite anyone… anymore or eat glue, or push my friends, or skip in the halls yet maybe I should skip in the halls and to be honest I was never a glue-eater or biter so it wasn’t a lesson for me until I gave birth to a little girl who seems to establish control with a bite, end an argument with a bite and frankly she could probably rule the world with those chompers.

In all actuality she’s now of the age that the kindergarten lesson was learned and she keeps her teeth on her food.

I digress: Right and wrong…

Friends who are struggling in romantic relationships and struggling often ask questions that stem from this root of what is right or what is wrong and I’m thinking now that if you have to question something to begin with than it’s not really something that has an immediate answer. It’s going to be one of those things that become clear in the light of some other day and when you reflect back you can either give yourself the grace and say “I made the best decision with the information I had in the time I made the decision ” or you can beat yourself up for having made the wrong decision.

In the end it really is a case of just take a skip somewhere, or a walk and have patience as in time it will become clearer and you can kick yourself tomorrow for the wrong decision or accept yourself for making the decisions you made in today.

Go forward with the kindergarten lessons of kindness to yourself and others and it’s going to be okay… really, even the big crap unless you decide it wasn’t. Perspective!

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