Easy Home Staging Tips – Get Your House Sold Fast

Home staging tips for house sale


Here I am back at it again… selling a house. I wish it was as easy as Realtors make it sound yet the reality is that once you make the decision to sell there are so many things to do in order to make your home look “lived-in” but not “really” lived in through organization and declutter which are both budget-friendly fast approaches to home staging.


It’s time to roll-up your selves and get busy removing and storing furniture to maximize space, remove the clutter, organize closets and staging items already in the house to get sellers to want to move into the home and lifestyle it brings.

Use some of your appropriate holiday decorations throughout the home in new ways to help your potential buyers get a feel for spending the holiday in their new home.

Imagine when you travel to a destination that is decorated for whatever holiday is in season and how amazing it feels. It brings more to visitors to have little holiday-related items out from Thanksgiving, Christmas or even for Valentines Day and Easter. Get creative and keep the items minimal.


Can’t we just post on the Zillow listing that we’ll throw in a year of free wine, or banana nut muffins or kittens… nope!

Instead I’ve got to make the house look to be a version of life that is really not achievable; nothing on the countertops. Honestly, that’s never happened unless I’m selling a house.

Yet, the dream must be made real in order to keep the spaces open and clear so potential buyers feel the sense of space that comes from decluttering a space.


.How to stage your family room to sell your house

I added a giant checkers set to the coffee table in the upstairs family room that we picked up in Lutsen, MN.
How to stage your kitchen to sell your house
Quickly restrained the cabinetry to give it a richer and polished look.
How to stage your pantry to sell your house
I’m going to miss that pantry. It was amazing.


But, I’ve done it! I’ve removed the things and added the other things. I’ve organized endless pantries, closets and cabinets. It’s done and now we hope and pray the process of selling will move ahead smoothly. Look at that pantry and those clutter-free countertops!

Decluttering closets to sell a house
Closet declutter. I’ve always been of the mind to push whatever fits in but that doesn’t show well for potential buyers.
Organized with a quick sort and display by color or color-family.
How should my closets look to sell a house
My sons closet usually has things peeking through the gaps in the doors. Kids closets can collect the clutter so focus some efforts on decluttering and reorganizing.


Those closets are like artwork. They’re not actually a functioning closet as the clothing has been removed for the most part… well, if we were minimalist we’d be spot-on!

The refrigerator is looking good… staged. Anyone for a Pellegrino or Evian?

I spend the few dollars to stock the fridge with some nice water bottles. Easy tip: Take a look at refrigerator ads and see how they’ve stocked their fridge for sale and duplicate the ideas.

What should be in my fridge when my house is in the market


I saw a male cardinal fly across the front of the property today and apparently that is a sign of new things coming:

Let it be the new owners and let them enjoy their clutter-free and clean counters for many, many days to come! I will even leave them a can of my favorite granite and stone cleaner and polish by SCI (Stone Care International). It’s the best and what many showrooms use on their displays. *Interior Designer tip!

That’s all from the staged home. I need to rest now in a hotel room so I don’t clutter up my house.

How to keep granite countertops looking nice, how should my bathroom look when selling my home
I’ve always used a protective and treatment on our stone countertops because it really helps to get the most of your stone. I’m not selling this product but it is one I recommend.

Great Zillow article “How to Stage a House to Sell,” that offers some excellent staging tips.

Before you begin the process of home staging you should first talk with your Realtor about areas of focus. A great Realtor will help guide you in the process.

Michael King of Keller Williams guides his Minnesota clients through the process of home selling and purchasing and is an excellent resource to contact if you’re looking to find a Realtor in your area.

Tip: Home staging begins with the right Realtor on the job.

Home staging


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